Science and Technology are the vehicles of modern development. Scientific approach is convincing to the people of every background. In this competitive world, the advancement in science and technology is unavoidably important. The Nepal Science Olympiad (NeSO) has been established to emphasize scientific literacy among the students and the youth. Science Olympiad contest that NeSO conducts is a kind of extra-curricular activities that improve students’ overall academic performances and help them to emerge as the updated and competitive members of the society.

Nature friendly, culturally rich and economically prosperous Nepal with sustainable development achieved by the application of science, technology and knowledge, with posterity in mind.

The Nepal Science Olympiad wants to realize its vision by mobilizing youths for building knowledge based society with passion for scientific and technological education and research in harmony with nature and culture.

Science and technology education for all with focus on knowledge application and creation of proactive young scientists highly motivated for outstanding achievements.


  • To conduct science contest, haunt outstanding scientific talents, and create a passion for learning science among students
  • To encourage science education, curiosity and knowledge among students and youth
  • To promote the feeling of cooperation and teamwork among the students
  • To recognize the outstanding achievement in Science and Technology
  • To disseminate the knowledge of recent scientific and technological progress
  • To promote scientific researches and their applications in the solution of human problems