Write-Up Topics

  1. Specific sources of air pollution in Nepal and control of emissions from them (e.g., transport sector, industries such as brick factories, garbage and agro-residue burning, transboundary air pollution)
  2. Particulate air pollution in Nepal
  3. Gaseous air pollutants in Nepal
  4. Energy and air pollution in Nepal, including indoor air pollution
  5. Impacts of air pollution on public health, agriculture, water resources (including snow and glacier) and climate change
  6. Socio-economic and cultural issues associated with air pollution, including gender issue
  7. Technological/non-technological measures for air pollution mitigation in Nepal
  8. Policies, regulations, and institutional arrangements for on air quality management in Nepal
  9. Air pollution, awareness, and media in Nepal
  10. Air quality in the context of regional/global change

Evaluation Criteria

The paper and presentation, within the scope of each theme, will be evaluated based on the principal criteria as,

  • Originality: Draws upon the past scientific findings and presents advances in current scientific understandings by presenting new insight, concepts, methods, or data
  • Scientific quality: Clearly articulated through scientific writing style, valid and suitable methods and techniques, and discussed in an appropriate and balanced way substantiating through the appropriate references.
  • Significance: Discusses the relevance and significance of scientific understanding of a subject for addressing air pollution in Nepal
  • Presentation quality: Presented in a clear, concise, and well-structured way (e.g., with figures, tables, photos, where applicable, and appropriate use of English language)

The format for submission of the write-up can be downloaded here: Format-for-Write-up